Seven Piece Set $17.95 with $FREE shipping*

Clear Vinyl Laminate Makes These Decals Super Durable:

Digital Printed and Clear High Gloss Vinyl Laminated, these skull are made with the highest quality vinyl materials for super durability. You can wax them and spill gas on them too. Six skulls @ 3" x 4" each plus one bonus Tribal Skull @ 6" x 4.5" makes this skull decal combo pack a great deal.

Our lift and lay wet application method with our wet application recipe makes the Skull Combo Pack easy to apply. The clear vinyl laminate on the surface of the digital print making this a super durable and high gloss vinyl product. You can wax them and spill gas on them. We use top of the line 3M and Avery vinyl brand graphic products to create "print to order" ready-to-apply graphic images.

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